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Survival - Perspective workouts

Build positive self esteem

Engagement - People workouts

Build positive relationships

Achievement - Purpose workouts

Achieve the life you want

Reward - Pleasure workouts

Overcome negative habits

Control - Power workouts

Overcome anger / control issues

Harmony - Peace workouts

Enjoy your life

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Harmony Instinct - Peace workouts

Our Harmony Instinct exists for two reasons. The first is to maintain our physical wellbeing and the second is to maintain our psychological well being.

Our physical well-being is protected by a programme hardwired into our brain called homeostasis. Homeostasis balances our body through the regulation of vital bodily functions like temperature, water balance and blood sugar levels. When we get too hot we sweat to bring our temperature down. When we are too cold we shiver to create internal heat and our metabolism slows down to reserve energy when we experience extremely low temperatures. Homeostasis includes our immune system which subconsciously operates to protect us from disease by fighting off infection, and restoring us to health after illness.

Our psychological well being is protected by the emotional part of our brain which senses threats to our sense of self. When we feel uncomfortable about who we are or what we are doing our emotional brain can trigger our fight or flight response which can lead to physical tension, anxiety, worry, stress and even depression designed to alert us to the fact that some aspect of our life is out of balance.

Most people are led to believe that life is a search for happiness but being happy all of the time is an unrealistic aim, given life's spirals. Happiness is only one emotion amongst many and it emerges when we achieve inner peace. Inner peace however only materializes when we balance all of our other instincts. When we balance our Survival instinct we fear nothing and feel comfortable in our own skin because we know and uphold our true values and virtues. When we balance our engagement instinct we create two way relationships, benefitting from a sense of love and giving as well as receiving. When we balance our achievement instinct we fulfil our potential and feel proud of our achievements. When we balance our reward instinct we enjoy the pleasures life has to offer without feeling addicted to them and when we balance our control instinct we stop controlling others. When this happens inner peace descends and happiness lasts rather than being a fleeting visitor.

Balancing our other instincts is dealt with elsewhere in the Emotional Fitness Gym. The aim of the workouts here is to help people develop and maintain a greater sense of inner PEACE.

As with all aspects of Emotional Fitness, repetition and consistency are the keys to getting the results you want.

Peace workouts

  1. Live in the present >>
    How to live NOW and not in the past or future
  2. Slow down >>
    How to slow the pace of life
  3. Stop ANALysing >>
    How to think less
  4. Expressing gratitude>>
    Learning the power of being grateful
  5. Enjoy uncertainty >>
    How to accept life for what it is
  6. Learn to have fun >>
    Planning to enjoy life
  7. Simplify your life >>
    How to stop wasting your life
  8. Using your music >>
    The power of music to guide your emotions
  9. Stop - start guide >>
    Simple things you can stop and start doing to enjoy inner peace
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