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Welcome to The Emotional Fitness Gym...

Most gyms help you to build your physical muscles but at The Emotional Fitness Gym our aim is to help you develop your Emotional muscles. Imagine being able to choose how you think and feel every day and coping with whatever life throws at you, free from stress, anxiety and worry. The Gym is a support mechanism for Paul Bird’s best selling book ‘Emotional Fitness; changing how you think and feel’. The book outlines his Model that has helped hundreds of people lead a happy and healthy life... more >>>

The Emotional Fitness Gym is FREE to use and is available 24/7. To start we suggest that you download our FREE 7 DAY EMOTIONAL FITNESS WORKOUT to begin to learn how to control your emotions and thoughts so that you can finally take control of your own life... more >>>

Emotional Fitness will help you to...

  • Maintain unswerving self belief and self esteem
  • Free yourself from stress, anxiety and worry Build lasting, loving relationships
  • Achieve any goal you set yourself
  • Overcome unwanted habits or addictions
  • Enjoy your life to the full

To hear Paul Bird talking about Emotional Fitness...click here

To hear Paul Bird talking about Emotional Fitness and weight loss...click here

Recording courtesy of Wolverhampton City Radio 101.8

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