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General workouts for emotional / rational overwhelm

These workouts have been designed to help people deal with the effects of emotional (feelings) and rational (thinking) overload.

Emotional and rational overload occur when our instincts alert us to the fact that our physical needs (eg the need to stay alive, eat, sleep, drink, maintain body temperature, etc) or our psychological needs (eg the need to feel good about ourself, secure, fulfilled etc) are not being satisfied. When this happens the emotional part of our brain stimulates the rational part of our brain to find solutions that will satisfy our needs. Inability to find those solutions (often the case with psychological needs) can trigger our fight or flight responses creating internal sensations of anxiety and panic which in turn trigger fear based defensive or aggressive thinking patterns designed to obtain relief at any cost. When overwhelmed in this way we often turn to food, alcohol, drugs, and even sex to find easy and quick satisfaction and relief rather than dealing with the true causes of our unsatisfied needs.

When our emotions and thoughts run out of control in this way we are not choosing how we feel and think, our brain is choosing these for us instinctively. The key to Emotional Fitness lies in recognizing the signs of emotional and rational overwhelm and restoring choice. Achieving this requires an ability to relax and then deal with the underlying causes of our emotional or rational overwhelm rather than allowing it to dictate how we feel and think.

The workouts listed here provide a variety of solutions to help you achieve this. Simply click on the title to review each workout and choose one which best suits your needs.

As with all aspects of Emotional Fitness, repetition and consistency are the keys to getting the results you want.

Emotional overload workouts

  1. Learning to relax >>
    Helps you to relax in everyday situations
  2. Dealing with emotional overwhelm - RADAR >>
    Helps you to cope with sudden emotional overwhelm
  3. Dealing with persistent disturbing emotions - CLEAR >>
    Helps you to release your mind from repetitive, unwanted emotions
  4. Dealing with suppressed emotions >>
    Helps you to positively express bottled up emotions
  5. Coping with depression >>
    Provides 10 ideas for dealing with the effects of depression
  6. Rational overload workouts (for too much thinking)

  7. Struggling to make decisions - RSVP >>
    Helps you to overcome indecision and make better decisions
  8. Thinking too much - workout 1 >>
    Helps you to free yourself from thought by focusing on a fixed object
  9. Thinking too much - workout 2 >>
    Helps you to free yourself from thought by practicing greater awareness
  10. Thinking too much - workout 3 >>
    Helps you to free yourself from thought using traditional relaxation
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