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Engagement Instinct - People workouts

These workouts have been designed to help you balance your Engagement Instinct by developing positive relationships with people.

The Engagement Instinct is arguably our most important instinct after our Survival Instinct. From birth we need to engage with others in order to survive and as we grow and develop our interaction with others shapes our sense of who we are. In order to breed and socialize engagement with other people is essential. Early childhood engagement however can promote dependency as our survival depends heavily upon those around us who look after and protect us. This can however leave us too dependent upon others and vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous parents, family members, friends, acquaintances and those charged with teaching or looking after us.

The challenge with Emotional Fitness therefore is to learn to grow out of childhood dependency so that we develop our own independence whilst at the same time enjoying and building two way, loving and caring relationships (what is often called interdependence). Failure to get the balance between independence and interdependence right can lead to us becoming too dependent upon or exploited by others or too selfish or self centred which can have a negative effect on our sense of self as we feel forced to justify and defend ourselves rather than being true to who we really are.

The aim of the workouts provided here therefore is to help people review the nature of their relationships with PEOPLE and practice greater compassion and care for others. Evidence suggests that this type of behaviour positively stimulates our emotional brain and protects us from negative self reflection and selfish self interest.

As with all aspects of Emotional Fitness, repetition and consistency are the keys to getting the results you want.

People workouts

  1. Build positive relationships >>
    Helps you to focus on improving your social and work relationships
  2. Give unconditionally >>
    Helps you to practice the art of unconditional giving
  3. Become a better listener >>
    Helps you to review and improve your listening ability
  4. Stop - Start guide >>
    Simple things you can stop and start doing to improve your relationships
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