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Survival - Perspective workouts

Build positive self esteem

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Build positive relationships

Achievement - Purpose workouts

Achieve the life you want

Reward - Pleasure workouts

Overcome negative habits

Control - Power workouts

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Harmony - Peace workouts

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General workouts


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Achievement Instinct - Purpose workouts

These workouts have been designed to help you balance your Achievement Instinct by developing a life with a sense of Purpose. In our modern world achievement is often defined in terms of winning or the achievement of possessions, wealth, power and status. From an Emotional Fitness perspective however Achievement is much more about recognising and fulfilling our personal potential. Today, many people pursue goals and outcomes only to find that those outcomes do not deliver any lasting sense of self worth. The secret of achieving Emotional Fitness therefore is to pursue goals that are a true reflection of who you are, the potential you have and the values and virtues you hold. Defining achievement this way ensures that what we do reinforces rather than destroys our sense of self.

Not fulfilling our potential short changes only ourselves. No one will lose any sleep over our inability to make the most of ourselves but we will know and it is that knowledge that can gnaw away at us inside, leading to emotional self dissatisfaction. The aim of the workouts provided here therefore is to help people review their sense of PURPOSE, overcome procrastination, excuses and under achievement and learn to push past the obstacles life throws at us.

As with all aspects of Emotional Fitness, repetition and consistency are the keys to getting the results you want.

Purpose workouts

  1. Getting started >>
    A simple flow chart to help you focus on making changes in your life
  2. Finding your purpose >>
    Helps you to develop the habit of identifying a purpose and taking action to get it
  3. Practicing visualisation >>
    How to visualize for successful outcomes
  4. Overcoming procrastination >>
    Helps you to recognise and overcome procrastination and excuses
  5. Developing optimism >>
    Helps you to measure your optimism
  6. Stop - start guide >>
    Simple things you can stop and start doing to improve your ability to achieve
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